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Bijoux en Cristal: Dentelles de Perles
 (Crystal Jewels:Bead Lace)

by Marie le Sueur

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If you’re ready for a bit of a challenge and a sense of thrilled accomplishment, this book is the jewel in Marie’s crown of beading books.

Please see the reviews of Bagues en Cristal: Dentelles de Perles (Crystal Rings: Bead Lace) and Bijoux en Cristal: Tissage de Perles (Crysta Jewels: A Fabric of Beads) for English translations and explanations of many of the key terms and materials.

If you’re ready for a bit of a challenge and a sense of thrilled accomplishment, this book is the jewel in Marie’s crown of beading books. It is filled with the most delicate and beautiful lace motifs woven in beads that you can imagine and culminates in a number of jewelry projects. Although the beadwork looks like tatted or finely crocheted lace, you don’t use either technique to construct these beautiful pieces. The basic technique consists of an almost infinite variety of backstitch and loop and leaf fringing and picot techniques.

You’ll marvel at Marie’s creativity in developing the structures of her various lace motifs. Even more impressive are the techniques she has used to stabilize and strengthen her lace patterns so they can be formed into jewelry that only occasionally requires a ribbon backing for stability.

These laces are primarily constructed with Japanese cylinder beads and Japanese size 15/0 seed beads. Marie also uses size 13/0 charlottes, whose holes, she says, are equivalent to those of Japanese 15/0s, and Austrian crystals. She recommends weaving with Nymo D -- or B when there are a great many thread passes through a bead -- and she uses beading needles sizes 10 to 16. For constructing jewelry with the motifs, she suggests using flexible beading wire, size .010. In beading, she recommends that you start with a stop bead to maintain even tension and that if you encounter resistance, you change to a thinner needle.

You should also tighten your thread after each picot to make sure the beads are properly aligned. When you appliqué a motif to a ribbon, be sure to have the ribbon stretched and anchored on a frame as shown.The book begins with a technique section consisting of a variety of lace motifs. They are presented in clear drawings with clear and accurate thread paths; and when the order of working becomes more complex, sections are numbered. You should practice them to become familiar with the techniques and systems of notation before you begin to make any of the exquisite pieces of jewelry. Although the drawings are numerous and excellent, you may find that a French/English dictionary is helpful because there is more verbal explanation in this book than in the other two. – Alice Korach


  • Bijoux en Cristal: Dentelles de Perles (Crystal Jewels: Bead Lace) by Marie le Sueur
  • Publisher: Le Temps Apprivoisé, Paris,France
  • 2004
  • Hardcover, 96 pp.;
  • ISBN: 2-283-58505-4
  • 22€ (Euros)

Books available at in the US You will find this book at international sites, France

Other words you should know:

  • rang (row)
  • taille (size)
  • repassez (go back through)
  • passez (go through)
  • boucles d’oreilles (earrings)
  • dormeuses (stud earrings)
  • pampilles (dangles)
  • fil de pêche (fishing line)
  • btn_downloadebook femoir (clasp)
  • les cordelières (twisted cords):

Here is how she makes it:

Start with a length six times the desired finished length. Anchor the center of the cord to a stationary object such as a door knob. Hold both ends between your thumb and index finger. Holding the cords firmly roll your thumb over your index finger repeatedly until the cords start to twist back on themselves. With your free hand, grasp the center of the cords and let them twist together. Tie a temporaryknot. Then smooth out the twist. – Alice Korach

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