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Japanese Flower Chainmail Bracelet
Designer: Marilyn Gardiner


The Japanese 6 in 1 pattern is a flower design from the middle ages


Beginner LevelThis Japanese 6 in 1 chain mail pattern has its roots in medieval Japanese armor. Japanese weaves look best with small rings for the vertical connectors and large rings in the horizontal position. Both rings can be doubled, as in this project, for a tight, stable weave. Once you have made the Japanese Flower bracelet, it’s easy to make more flowers to create matching earrings or a stunning necklace.

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About The Designer

Marilyn G 290I have a passion for beads and for creating jewelry. This is my new lease on a life—I am also a retired teacher, school board computer consultant, and past partner in a graphic design company.

Most of my beading and chainmail skills are self-taught using information from books, the internet, and trial and error. I learn from my fellow beaders at the Toronto Bead Society, and the Grand River Bead Society, as well as at the annual Texas Beaders’ Retreat in Temple, TX. I love to travel to take classes from recognized experts (and to visit bead stores of course).

Visit Marilyn’s website at:

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